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A commemorative book, reproducing the work, is available to buy online or at Foster’s Bookshop on Chiswick’s high street.At Mapping London, we love the idea of a community getting together to brighten up a drab wall in their area, particularly when the artwork commissioned is a map! The mural features 16 different maps, 8 on each side of the road, from 1593 (Norden’s map of Middlesex) right up to the latest 2018 Legible London map of the area (those attractive pedestrian maps you see on totem poles throughout the inner London, and now extending further out).This format gives each map the space it needs on a single page, to allow the detail, often including hand-written annotations and depictions of individual people, houses, cartouches and other embellishments, to come out clearly.The paper is also uncoated, giving a slightly rough, traditional map feel.The central Moscow area has an inset map, where the metro is shown in the context of the street network. The map is finished in a card wallet, with an “M” cut out of the front, allowing a sneak peak of the cartography within.Londoners are very proud of the London Underground’s efficiency (most of the time) and history, but are perhaps willing to accept that the Moscow Metro is even more ornate than their own, and this guide nicely encapsulates the opulence of Moscow’s mass transit.We hope that it is able to link up with a number of other projects that georeference old maps and images of London and allow user-generated historical content – such as Wikimapia, the LSE’s Booth Poverty map and accompanying historical notebooks, Mapping for Change,...A lot of Londoners are currently focused on the World Cup in Russia at the moment, so Mapping London is taking a look eastwards, thanks to the latest boutique map created by productive cartographers Blue Crow Media.

Interestingly, and surprisingly, the complex crossovers of the Northern Line, just south of Camden Town, are shown on the map.But first and foremost this is a book capturing London.Themes stretch from slang to Shakespeare, riots to coffee houses and Hackney to Mayfair.Who knew there were so many wrecks in the Thames estuary,... Today, the printed versions of London’s tube map include a specific acknowledgement of the creator of the concept, even as the map itself has greatly expanded with the addition of a many new services. Perman, and available in the David Rumsey Map Collection, was one of the last maps produced, of London’s tube network, before the Beck “revolution” of the 1930s.The Tube Map is a design classic – the straight lines, even spacing and lack of unnecessary above-ground detail has become a hall-mark of metro maps across the world, since it was first drawn by H. However, there was a period of time, between the merging together of various rival networks in central London at the beginning of the 20th century, and the creation of the Beck tube map, when cartographers attempted to show the crowded and complex network in different, but geographically-focused, ways. It was drawn in 1927 and issued the following year, and shows some network simplifications – the lines between stations are shown with simple, gentle curves, rather than capturing the actual wiggles of the network.Layers of London, which has just launched, aims to be a platform for geolocating and documenting the local history of the capital.It works by allowing historical facts, comments and memories to be attached to pins on a map.The Chiswick Timeline, a mural of maps showing the history of the pleasant west London neighbourhood, was successfully crowdfunded and launched last month.It appears alongside a road as it passes underneath a railway bridge by Turnham Green station.The overall production quality and presentation is excellent – always critical for a book containing so many graphic works – congratulations to Batsford for taking such care with the production, giving the maps the justice they deserve.There are nearly 50 maps in all, many of whom have only previously been available as fine art works.


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