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We’re kicking off the festival with the annual Fusion Gala, featuring an exquisite collection of QPOC shorts celebrating the intersectionality of our LGBTQ family.

We’re thrilled to welcome back alumni filmmakers and showcase films discovered on the international festival scene, as well as embrace groundbreaking contributions from the next generation of queer creatives.

HOME SCREENINGS WORKSHOPS MOVIE CONTEST DETAILS A selection of films delving into the space between generations: a grieving mother, a street dancer, and a dandelion all break with tradition in these stories about those who came before us and those we leave behind.

A film about empathy, and the struggle and distance someone may have to travel—against all odds—to find a better life.

A dancer tries to bridge the gap between him and his mother when he discovers that a house is not a home.

An ode to the victims of Pulse nightclub and the urge we all feel to go out and dance with our friends.

In the late 1980’s, a young black man with HIV attends a family dinner with no one he’s met.

Preceded by (Dir: Deondray Gossfield & Quincy Le Near Gossfield, 2018, USA, 16 min) A cabaret singer in a gay-owned Harlem speakeasy seeks to reignite her man’s fading interest but seduces the whole room, including his best friend.Jelanii tells stories and expresses his feelings through dance Four women take a stand to preserve the elements for future generations.Two men, one young one older, share more than just dinner and help one another get outside of themselves.BUY TICKETS NOW (Dir: Shaz Bennett, 2017, USA, 90 min) Leo, an aspiring drag superstar, is stuck working in a fish cannery in Alaska, trapped in the monotony of fist fights and fish guts.Out of necessity, he learns to fight back, which catches the attention of the local boxing coach.The course of mourning carries Silvia, a 40-year-old trans woman, and her family through the waves of memory and rebirth, death and survival.The true story of a young trans activist, living and dying on the streets of Rio de Janeiro.BUY TICKETS NOW (Dir: Arshad Khan, 2017, Canada, 81 min, English/Urdu/Punjabi/Hindi with English subtitles) An intimate visual memoir about the complex dynamic the filmmaker has with his father, who was at once extremely modern and also rigidly traditional and unaccepting of his son’s true self.Preceded by (Dir: Ernesto Contreras, 2017, Mexico/Netherlands, 103 min, Spanish/English with English subtitles) This epic sensory experience explores the impact of cultural identity on matters of the heart.While packing up her daughter’s apartment, a single mother discovers startling details about her only child, which challenge her ability to process a recent loss.Teenage lovebirds spend slow and tender summer days shacked up at home while one begins her transition.


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