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Evan katz online dating

After hundreds of dates and multiple tweaks to his own approach to online dating, Evan felt he could provide real help to JDate users.

He started an online dating profile writing business, e-Cyrano, and wrote a book in the fall of 2002, about two years into his work with JDate, called “I Can’t Believe I’m Buying This Book: A Commonsense Guide to Successful Internet Dating.” The success of his first book, which was reviewed by Time Magazine, followed by a feature in USA Today and a segment on CNN, propelled his profile writing business and led him to become the unofficial “Online Dating Guy.” Soon, though, his clients began asking for more — after the profile rewrite worked to attract new matches, they wanted to know what the next steps should be.A call to customer service for a forgotten password indicated to Evan a larger issue of the caller not using the site regularly enough to be an effective dater.Evan would offer tips to callers who expressed frustration with online dating, and his advice was received so well by callers that he eventually asked JDate if he could become “The Date Doctor” and offer an official, additional service for those who wanted more help than a typical customer service rep could provide.He said that after years of listening to women, he has developed a unique ability to communicate effectively what is and isn’t working about their approach to dating.In addition to the four books he’s written and creating Love U, Evan still finds time to blog twice a week and produce a Love U Podcast every Wednesday.In his straightforward yet compassionate approach, Evan said he tries to describe actions as effective versus ineffective — rather than right versus wrong.He’s worked to reverse engineer what worked effectively for him to find the long-lasting love he was searching for so he can help others find love, too. It’s a constant process of learning and exploration so you can make better relationship choices over time,” Evan said.A writer at heart, Evan got his start while studying screenwriting as a grad school student at UCLA.He wasn’t hitting it as big as he wanted to in Hollywood, so, to help pay for his education, Evan took a job as a customer service representative for a company he believed in and used himself — JDate.He has seen it firsthand in his own life when, after 300 or so dates, he found his wife, a woman he describes as his North Star, and it was a completely different relationship than what he had previously experienced.Evan draws inspiration from his own life, what he knows to be true about men, and the responses he’s received from his millions of blog readers and thousands of clients to create the kind of content that helps women find happiness in themselves and therefore their relationships.


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