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The Alentejo region of Portugal is home to the largest cork forests in the world, and those cork forests have served to protect all the species of plants, birds and animals that dwell within them. It is environmentally friendly, renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable.

Visiting Foz Côa is a vote for preserving our shared human past and recognizing it as more important than a dam. Alentejo: Drink wine and save the Iberian Lynx Next time you open a bottle of wine that has a cork in it, think of the Iberian lynx.

Smaller birds, such as robins, finches and song thrushes, migrate to the Iberian Peninsula's cork forests from northern Europe, along with blackcaps from the United Kingdom.

The museum shows the art of bread-making and wine production through the ages. The forests produce more than half the world's total cork supply. In more remote parts of these protected lands, the rare Iberian lynx can still be found. Portugal has enough cork forests to last more than 100 years and, under a reforestation program, they're growing by four percent a year on average. The tree is protected by an inner bark, which is always left on the tree. To harvest the cork, the outer bark is stripped from a cork oak once every nine years. One particular tree in these protected lands is known as the "Whistler Tree" because of the many singing birds attracted to it. By choosing a wine with a cork, you're supporting these forests, which are supporting the planet. Authentic, unspoiled, and likely to remain so A century ago, the Azorean islands were overpopulated and desperately poor. In spring and summer, the cork forests are home to a rich variety of butterflies and plants, with more than 60 plant species recorded in just one square meter. So, skip that petroleum-sourced "plork" or aluminum twist top for your own bottle of wine. Dozens of B&Bs: for Girl-Getaways, Wireless, Beaches, Green and Great Deals ... The Quinta da Ervamoira museum stands at the center of the heritage park, offering interpretations of the region and its customs. The engravings were etched using quartz or flint, the images being scratched into the rock walls using straight lines or zigzags. Portugal has made some important choices in its economic development. How can spending time in Portugal make our world a better place?


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