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Blake lively and penn badgely dating

PHOTOS: Celeb couples -- then and now "They've been dating for awhile. It is a very mature and free relationship," a source tells Us. Their interests align." PHOTOS: Gossip Girl's 10 OMG moments Badgley, 27, previously dated Zoe Kravitz, Lenny Kravitz's daughter, for two years until their split in June 2013.The pair shared an apartment together in NYC, and sparked rumors of a reconciliation during a PDA-filled getaway to Rome last September.

"I can't go out to dinner with a friend without it being, 'romance!She told Elle US that she's sensible when it comes to her sex life:"I've had four boyfriends in my whole life."I've never been with anyone that's not a boyfriend.The actor has never minced his words when it comes to his feelings about the show that brought him fame, and in a recent interview with People, he continued down this road. "If you look back at Gossip Girl's ending, you can see where Badgley is coming from. I mean, those six people — why do they even keep hanging out? So you start to figure out these asinine ways to keep them all together. When asked about the series' ending that revealed Dan was Gossip Girl, Badgley responded, "It doesn't make sense at all. There are even Tumblrs dedicated to all the reasons that Dan could not have been Gossip Girl. Badgley did concede, "But no, it made While promoting his film, Greetings from Tim Buckley, he told Salon, "To be proud of something is a really nice feeling... That has been my problem with television — you start with something real, and it eventually becomes, against all odds, How do these six people still hang out every day? Eventually, you have this group of kids circumventing the FBI, dealing with ghosts. The adorable pair split last year after three years together, but it seems as though working closely together has rekindled this old flame. "They’re professionals," an insider says of the pair. Seriously, if you like reading celebrity gossip, you'd love the show. As Dan Humphrey, this 21-year-old has rapidly established himself as one of TV's hottest young hunks. Just a few years ago, Penn Badgley was, shall we say, more of an alternative, long-haired hippie type?Gossip Girl stars Penn Badgley and Blake Lively have ended their three-year romance, a rep for the twosome exclusively tells the new issue of Us. "They're still good friends and hang out on the set."Gossip Girl stars Blake Lively and Penn Badgley, whose characters used to date on the hit CW show, have been dating more than a year and a half. Admittedly, this installment is fueled largely by similar hairstyles among the two stars - but sometimes, as we saw with this Rihanna lookalike, that's all you need. But you don't have to know a thing about it to take part in The Hollywood Gossip's new poll. A bunch of young, quasi-celebrities you've probably never heard of. This week, 90210’s skinny starlets (like that anorexic bitch Shenae Grimes) have been making headlines with their ribs. star Jemima Kirke, a source reveals exclusively to Us Weekly.The two were most recently spotted arm in arm in NYC on Wednesday, July 2.Blake Lively has been linked to a few gorgeous men in the past few years - from Penn Badgely to Leonardo Di Caprio to her current boyfriend Ryan Reynolds - but she says she has strong rules when it comes to love and sex.In a new interview, the Gossip Girl star says that she'd never have sex with someone who she's not dating, and that she's only had four boyfriends in her life.


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